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Edible Cigarette Butts

Keep the ground clean and waste none of the nicotine.
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Make Cigarette filters out of edible fibers, such as oat bran and pscillium. When smokers finish a butt they can stub it out and swallow the remainder. No litter.

Perhaps the butts could be enriched with vitamins to offset some of the damage from the smoking.

Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 15 2007

Edible Cigarettes http://candy-crate....hoo.net/cancig.html
So I guess the butts are edible as well... [DrCurry, Mar 16 2007]

Butt-flicking clay Butt_20flicking_20clay
Butt clay sounds kinda crass, doesn't it? [notmarkflynn, Mar 16 2007]

Cheese-Filtered Cigarettes http://totallyabsur...filtercigarette.htm
You couldn't make it up... [lostdog, Mar 16 2007]


       Mmm, tar.
Texticle, Mar 16 2007

       If you are going to filter something out of the smoke 'cause it's nasty, why would you eat it?   

       I once saw a girl who'd been smoking dope eat the last bit. She regretted it.
baconbrain, Mar 16 2007

       A bone for using 'edible' and 'butts' together.
nuclear hobo, Mar 16 2007

       I am for this, as I hate it when people flick their butts. Unless they use butt clay.
notmarkflynn, Mar 16 2007

       And matchheads that taste of mints when you lick them.
skinflaps, Mar 16 2007

       Aside from the potentially negative effects of ingesting all that extra nicotine and tar, this idea kicks ass. And smokers don't want to worry about negative effects anyway.
monk, Mar 17 2007

       Come on [monk] it's no different than licking the mirror after snorting a line of cocaine.
Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 18 2007

       Yes, but that does make your gums numb, (Galbinus)
monk, Mar 18 2007

       At least the ants or bugs on the ground will eat them then, and then die from too much tar and nicotine. It's a win win for everyone who doesn't like litter or bugs or litter-bugs [+]!
quantum_flux, Mar 19 2007

       I must say, As a person who has dabbled in smoking, the idea of eating the butt is not only compelling, but desired. I frequently find, (especially when drunk) that I feel the cigarette has ended far too quickly, and will sometimes try to smoke the filter before I begin to feel sick.
ColonelMuffins, Mar 20 2007

       voting this up, just because i'd like to see smokers chewing their cud rather than littering the ground. +
k_sra, Sep 11 2007

       //If you are going to filter something out of the smoke 'cause it's nasty, why would you eat it?//   

       If you are avoid getting cancer, why would you take the leaves of plant that contains carcenogens, dry it, chop it up, roll it into paper tubes, set it on fire and then intentially inhale the smoke?
nomocrow, Sep 11 2007

       Since July, smoking in the UK has been banned just about everywhere. I still smoke (where I'm allowed) - I'll never give up, never! Do you hear me? Muahahaha etc., but since they've threatened an £80 (or something similar) fine for dropping butts, I've changed. I've now got a pocket ashtray, and I even get angry when I see others throwing their butts in the street (I've always hated litterbugs, but for some strange reason I used to think that butts weren't litter). So although this was a bad idea in the first place, hopefully one day soon it will be redundant (in the UK at least).
jtp, Sep 11 2007

       I know what you mean. Since getting back from Providencia I can't bring myself to throw butts on the floor any more. It was too serene a place to litter, and I've brought the (good) habit back with me to London.
theleopard, Sep 11 2007


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