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Indoor smoking mask

Ready, Load, Shoot! Look cool! A mask for indoor smoking.
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We are inside a house, and one of my friends want to smoke a cigarette. The others do not smoke, therefore she has to go outside. But outside it is cold, and we don't want her to go there.

The invention would be a "smoking-mask". The smoking mask is connected to ventilation system and has an airpump. You can add a cigarette to the mask, much like you add a shots to a revolver, lit it up, and pull the fumes through the mask. As you want to exhale it, you do it to the mask, so the fumes are sucked to the ventilation system. (special system of valves would be necessary)

There could also be possibility to change cigarettes much like the shots change in a revolver.

Inyuki, Jan 29 2005

Nothing new here http://www.soundcli...esBands/40328_8.jpg
[Mr Burns, Jan 31 2005]

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[whippinggas, Apr 10 2005]


       Wanna smoke? Go outside. Too cold? Well, there's the price to be paid for being an addict (and, don't get me wrong, I'm a smoker, but I would never humilliate myself by wearing a mask, as if saying that my addiction is stronger than my ability to adapt to the environment).
Pericles, Jan 29 2005

       Ha ha ha, [Pericles], yeah, I didn't thought that is really a good idea, as one would need quite a long pipe for that. But that's not a big problem. Oh, maybe just pipe is okay?... It wouldn't look so bad as mask.   

       But then, it's almost no invention - take a long pipe and use it to exhale the fumes. Only, a little inconvenience: you would not only need to inhale through some kind of "pipe" (cigarette), but you also needed to exhale through another pipe....
Inyuki, Jan 29 2005

       I find cigarettes very contextual. I'd rather not have one than have one outside in the cold or rain (or inside in a mask). Offer me a Camel at a sunny sidewalk cafe table in Florence and suddenly I'm a smoker again :-)
wagster, Jan 29 2005

       Surely cold, rainy street corners were designed for smoking in long trench coats?
david_scothern, Jan 31 2005

       This is awesome. It eliminates second-hand smoke. I like the implied comparison of cigarettes to bullets.
robinism, Jan 31 2005

       The DIY model: Set up your vacuum cleaner so the air outlet is sticking out of a window, turn it on, and ask guests to exhale into the vacuum cleaner hose (without getting it stuck to their faces, obviously).
hippo, Jan 31 2005

       Fortunately, you don't need the Do-It-Yourself model, because Inyuki's got it dialed in.   

       Could be used for turkish pipes, clove cigarettes, etc.
robinism, Jan 31 2005

       This is very baked. Go to any college dormitorium and smell for ganja. Bust into that room, and BAM! there will be some form of this invention.
Blumster, Jan 31 2005

       If the college kids were using this invention, you wouldn't be able to smell the ganga. (if I understand the invention correctly)
robinism, Jan 31 2005

       From outside you will.
tiromancer, Jan 31 2005

       I'd rather (and have done so, when I used to smoke heavily/now smoke the occasional social ciggy ) bundle up and go outside in the cold/rain to have a smoke than wear a mask as described above. Takes the joy out of smoking.
Machiavelli, Jan 31 2005

       [Robinism], obviously some work better than others, but rest assured that when you don't smell it, you happen to be around some crafty kids.
Blumster, Apr 10 2005

       I saw a man driving along holding his lit cig out of his cracked window. A device as described here would be easy to put into a car - an ashtray / mask with gentle vacuum. Have your cig - preserve the resale value of your car.
bungston, Jan 21 2009

       It amazes me how smokers hold the cigarette of the window but blow the inhaled smoke into the cabin of the car.
Jscotty, Jan 21 2009

       They need technological help. This idea is it.
bungston, Jan 21 2009


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