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Edible Cutlery

Edible cutlery cuts down on washing up
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I'm working on disposable cutlery in order to create less washing up. Plates made from baked dough, cups made from rice paper, knives and forks from crusty bread. The theory is, if you don't like the meal, eat the cutlery....
PotatoPete, Mar 31 2001

Edible Cutlery and Edible Polimer - Freshly baked http://web.outsideo...01/200001disp6.html
Still doesn't have a name. Site offers Tastigear [pashute, Oct 18 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Edible cutlery, indeed. http://www.swordswa....com/halloffame.php
[mrthingy, Oct 04 2004]

Lik-m-Aid http://thecandybaron.com/detail.html?2125
Mmmm Fun Dip. Comes with a candy stick that you use as a spoon. All cutlery should be made of hardened sugar. [Worldgineer, Oct 04 2004]

Baked http://www.bakeys.com/
literally. [MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 30 2018]


       The problem is that everything you described is not structurally sound enough to be used like that, except for the plates; and those are called 'pizzas'. Some soup vendors in China and various Chinatowns have pressed rice bowls for serving the soup in, they are edible and biodegradable. So it's sort of baked..
StarChaser, Mar 31 2001

       a small round bread makes an ideal soup bowl, as long as it's not too thin a soup. Forks and knives, on the other hand... I can't see them standing up too well. You could probably make a jerky spork, keep the tines short and it would work for soft food.   

       cheese soup in a bread bowl with a jerky spoon, zero-waste take-out!
djymm, Apr 01 2001

Monkfish, Apr 01 2001

       I love cheese soup, but find the bread bowls are generally too tough to reasonably be eaten. Wouldn't soaking a jerky spork in hot liquid, even viscous hot liquid, eventually soften it?
StarChaser, Apr 01 2001

       [BAKED] - which makes it all the better!   

       I was going to post this idea and found you beat me to it. You got a large crouasont (sp?) from me.   

       I'm sure there's a polimer that isn't harmful to be eaten. (wait a sec, just found something on the web. see link!)
pashute, Oct 18 2002

       Have a look at my naan gloves idea. Different design but equal outcome
lefty, May 09 2003

       Nothing for me -- just water and a fork.
phundug, May 09 2003

       The problem is you'll eat you cutlery too soon. Ask any (UK based) baker who has eaten a Sherbet Dib-dab - you always eat the Swizzle-stick well before the sherbet is finished.
custardlove, Jul 09 2003

       war rations eh? I heard those stories too.
po, Jul 09 2003

       If you read [Steve DeGroof]'s link, it certainly makes you want to be particular and precise in your choice of words, grammar, and language, because you never know when, where, to whom, and by whom your contributions in this venue are likely to be quoted.   

       Steve, how on earth did you come across that link?
jurist, Nov 28 2006

       I was just about to submit a Sugar Glass Spoons when I came across this. The sugar glass that is made into bottles and windows for stuntmen to hit each other with and jump through could surely be made into a spoon or, at the very least, stirer shape then used and promptly eaten.
oniony, Jul 13 2009

       [+] I first read 'edible curry'.
danman, Jul 13 2009

       I'm pretty sure I used some edible cutlery many years ago while on holiday in the US (probably California). I want to say it was made of cellulose, but I don't think humans can digest that, so probably not. I don't remember if I tried eating it or not. It was medium brown and had a pattern/texture reminiscent of that fibrous-looking plastic that they used to make overhead projector carts out of.
notexactly, Apr 29 2018

       They might have just told you it was edible as a set-up for a 'candid camera'-style prank show
hippo, Apr 30 2018

       something dissolvable in boiling water, perhaps... or alcohol.
FlyingToaster, Apr 30 2018

       I like cheese soup, bread bowls, and jerky. [+]
Voice, Apr 30 2018


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