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Foamy Spoon

Instant Sweetness and Froth
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how about a kind of Hard moulded edible spoon that is half sweetner / half foaming agent / half whitener that you stir your coffee with and voila hey presto foamy sweet lovely cappucino !
dazwah, Feb 19 2002

Gabby's Coffee Spoons http://www.gabbygoo...lavored_spoons.html
Is this kinda what you had in mind, dazwah, except without the foam? [jurist, Feb 19 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       what happens if you mix a half teaspoon of half and half in with all those halves?
thumbwax, Feb 19 2002

       ok - one third sweetner / one third foaming agent / one third whitener
dazwah, Feb 19 2002

       The foaminess of (proper) cappucino is caused by the heat of the steam aerating and slightly coagulating the proteins in the milk. Foaming agent is the same stuff that brewers put in keg beer to make it frothy, and is a type of glue derived from seaweed. Sugar is, when unrefined, a natural product. Sweetener (note spelling) is a carcinogenic crystalline powder originally derived from coal-tar. Cream is also a natural product, and contains calcium, which is beneficial for bone growth (paticularly for children and women of a certain age). Whitener (non-dairy creamer) is mainly processed corn syrup (but has been described as tasting like equal parts of blood plasma and liquid paraffin). Your choice, but I know which I'd prefer.
angel, Feb 19 2002

       Um, angel...Can I get Kahlua in mine?
jurist, Feb 19 2002

       It would *have* to be better than sweetener, foaming agent and whitener.
angel, Feb 19 2002

       Angel: note that no proper nouns were used in the original note. Sugar is a sweetener - it sweetens a drink, milk is a whitener - add it to black coffee and it becomes white coffee. They might not be one's sweetener or whitener of choice but if sugar and powdered milk were used dazwah's idea would not need to be reworded. There are many foaming agents... but few I'd use in a drink.

I'll call this one-third baked as I have seen spoons encrusted with sugar (and sometimes other flavourings) sold for use with coffee.
sirrobin, Feb 19 2002

       Pedantically, I'd agree, but does anyone here see the word 'whitener' in this context and think of milk?
angel, Feb 19 2002

       Just see link and add bicarb.
jurist, Feb 19 2002

       C'mon, [PS], that's just a battery-powered whisk.
angel, Feb 20 2002

       Angel: I do. Once upon a time I worked in a factory packing powdered milk in 25kg bags and making big stacks of them. When I read "whitener" and "sweetener" I assumed that dazwah meant "your whitener and sweetener of choice" since both regular and synthetic types could easily be adapted to the idea.
sirrobin, Feb 20 2002

       I assumed from the idea description (such as it is) that the spoon would partially-dissolve in the coffee, releasing sweetener, foaming agent and whitener as it did so (and presumably aerating the foam as well by some unspecified mechanism such as encapsulated nitrogen).
angel, Feb 21 2002

       i actually intended the spoon to be made of the substance that whilst stirring dissolved into the drink making it sweet, milky and foamy
dazwah, Feb 21 2002

       I expected a utensil for the application of shaving cream.
waugsqueke, Feb 21 2002


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