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Educational Final Fantasy

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Final Fantasy style game where your character class is based on a subject that you know or want to learn. In a fight or to solve the puzzles in the game you will have difficulty based actions that you can take by answering pertinent questions. For example, if your character class was an engineer (like Cid), you could choose to attack with a certain skill such as aim cannon. Then, you would be asked a question with multiple choice answers (like find the firing arc) and given a few seconds to make a choice. Harder questions mean more damage multiplier.
pppporkins, Jun 09 2010

What I was on about... http://finalfantasy...iki/Victory_Fanfare
[Jinbish, Jun 10 2010]


       [+] I don't play video games, but I think it is a shame if there aren't some games that involve the player learning real-world conceptual tools. From what I have seen of WoW or Starcraft addicts, I am sure they would devour a thermodynamics textbook if it could get them an edge up in the game.
swimswim, Jun 10 2010

       Bah! Oregon Trail taught me all I needed to learn from a video game. A shame that education around where I live is already a final fantasy.

*Zeke has died from syphilis.*
Letsbuildafort, Jun 10 2010

       I would amuse myself in Oregon Trail by seeing how many party members I could kill off before we reached the first town.
DrWorm, Jun 10 2010

       Ba-ba-ba daah-duh-dah. dee--dee-dee
Jinbish, Jun 10 2010

       My daughter's class played Myst: Exile in English lessons last term...
prufrax, Jun 11 2010


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