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"Get A Life!"

The video game.
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Easy to play and available on all major game consoles.

Start your day by clicking the "Kiss Your Virtual Wife" button or petting your virtual dog. Click on the "Human Interaction" icon and have coffee with one of many virtual friends. It's always beautiful and sunny in "Get A Life" so you'll want to get outside for some exercise, fresh air and sunshine. Click the "take a walk" button or if you're really daring, click on the "join a local amateur sports league" button and start getting exercise on a regular basis. The more you click the "healthy physical activity" button, the trimmer and happier your icon becomes. But it's not all physical, your mind needs stimulation too, so click on "read a good book" to earn extra "well balanced life" points without having to turn a page. Take a virtual college course that gives you an instant A+ without having to learn anything. Engage in a virtual hobby without having to get your hands dirty. Get into the virtual dating scene, all without lifting a finger, or to be more accurate, by lifting only one finger, the one pushing the select button on your game controller.

Don't just sit around playing video games all day, "Get A Life!"

By Ironic-Co

doctorremulac3, Nov 20 2010

Japan, of course. http://online.wsj.c...51414209658940.html
[mouseposture, Nov 20 2010]

Second Life http://secondlife.com/
I'm too busy with my first life to compare this, but... [Boomershine, Nov 20 2010]


       The add for "Second Life":   

       "Dissapointed with your first life?..."
doctorremulac3, Nov 20 2010

       So this is a first-person version of The Sims, basically?
Spacecoyote, Nov 20 2010

       Yea, but with all sorts of irony 'n stuff.   

       This idea comes to mind when I find myself playing a video game on a particularly nice day.   

       But let's face it, life doesn't always have to look like a feminine hygene product commercial where the gal's running on the beach, wind in her hair laughing hysterically out loud about something. Sometimes you want to sit on your ass and blow up zombies.   

       "I'm a scorpio, I enjoy short walks to the couch to watch tv shows about people taking long walks on the beach..."
doctorremulac3, Nov 20 2010


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