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Facebook Murders

lol becky's a corpse lol
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A roguelike detective game, a computerised version of Cluedo (or Clue) where each time you play you are investigating a different murder in a different location. Each victim is one of your friends from Facebook. The murderer is also one of your friends from Facebook.

In short: because you are young and don't gaf about privacy, you are AOK with the game crawling through your Facebook and the Facesbook of your Facebook friends to find photos, locations, interrelations hidden in the recesses of activity logs, all this information being ploughed into the game narrative, revealing with each play what it is that your friends think of each other and feel for each other and how much they want to kill the dude with the minions macro tourettes.

calum, Jun 09 2016


po, Jun 28 2016


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