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Edward De Bono RIP

wear coloured hats in celebration
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Edward De Bono died on 9th June 2021 I meant to post this a few days ago but lateral distractions prevailed. [marked-for-respect] for the ultimate creative thinker
xenzag, Jun 13 2021

https://www.theguar...rd-de-bono-obituary [xenzag, Jun 13 2021]

This one [calum]? https://www.halfbak.../user/The_20Govenor
The Govenor [Skewed, Jun 14 2021]


       Thank you, I'm sorry I never knew of him.
pocmloc, Jun 13 2021

       Ditto ^   

       Curious though, how does what's meant by lateral thinking really differ from 'thinking outside the box' or 'quantum jump' when used colloquially to describe a leap to the right conclusion without any clearly identifiable stages of reasoning or thought?
Skewed, Jun 13 2021

       It's times like this when I miss Max and 8th more than ever. De Bono should be at the top of anyone's list for innovative creative thinkers, yet he seems like an unknown here now. I see this as an indicator.
xenzag, Jun 13 2021

       Well he's a bit b4 my time [xen] (theirs too really, [8th] was only a handful of years older than me & [Max] only a year older than him), he came up with that phrase b4 I was even born & most of his TV exposure & high profile stuff occurred when I was pre-primary school & primary school.
Skewed, Jun 14 2021

       For me the similar process comes from what I was taught by my secondary school teacher we took statistics with which basically boiled down to 'a correlation doesn't equal a cause & effect relationship, always look for any other possible correlations & causes b4 drawing any conclusions & always consider the possibility your missing some vital information'.   

       He often quoted the old "figures don't lie but a liar can figure" & coupled with something hammered into us in a later college media studies module ("if you want the truth always look for the bias") it informs the core of my suspicious nature, getting some first hand con-artist training by working a telesales job while at college didn't help my trust issues any either ;)   

       To this day few things enrage me more than hearing someone on TV say something is average without saying which 'average' (mean median or mode), or reading the same, in anything but casual conversation it's something that positively screams to me that they're liars or snake oil salesmen out to deceive me & others.   

       Particularly if coming from anyone with any kind of background or training in economics or statistics who I have to assume know better.
Skewed, Jun 14 2021

       For what it's worth, I was taught a little about de Bono in high school, and my children heard about him in primary school. So, in whatever weird cultural bubble my family inhabits, he's famous.
pertinax, Jun 14 2021

       A lot of his ideas seem to me to be "obvious" which (for a person who again was before my time) must be the highest accolade.
pocmloc, Jun 14 2021

       He was a half-baker? What was his username?
Loris, Jun 14 2021

       The Govenor, iirc
calum, Jun 14 2021

po, Jun 14 2021

phoenix, Jun 14 2021

       A glass! A glass ... for my tears, a glass.
reensure, Jun 14 2021

       It's early. I'm confused. What day is this? I'm sorry he passed, if it makes xenzag sad, it makes me sad too.
blissmiss, Jun 14 2021

Worldgineer, Jun 14 2021



       Did not know him but any halfbaker deserves a croissant
xandram, Jun 14 2021

Dub, Jun 14 2021

nineteenthly, Jun 14 2021

       This one [calum]? <link>?
Skewed, Jun 14 2021

bhumphrys, Jun 14 2021


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