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Elasticated Bed Sheets

duvet covers with elasticated seems - no more cold!
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take a normal duvet cover, and sew the sqaure pannels together, with an elasticated fiber (This fiber would have to be easy to stretch, so that no one was catapulted accross the bedroom accidently!). Then, when the inevitable tussle for the bed spread occurs, you can hold on and keep warm, whatever happens!
LUFC_TILL_I_DIE, Jul 30 2003


       Leeds United?
sufc, Jul 30 2003

       You would also need to develop elasticated duvets.
friendlyfire, Jul 30 2003

       I wasn't aware that "elasticated" was a word, and then I found references on Google. A replacement for "elasticized" ? Is it like color/colour?   

       Oh, and [sp] seams...
hoopdy, Jul 30 2003

       Welcome [Luf], I'm not quite seeing this. What do you mean by //sew the sqaure pannels together//? My duvet cover has two square panels, but if sewn together with stretchy material would not stretch in the way you describe.
Worldgineer, Jul 30 2003

       If you sewed the top and bottom together with many individual "spot-weld" type stitches, the sheets would stretch freely between said stitches.   

       Oh, and [sp] square, panels, fibre (assuming LU is English), across, accidentally.
friendlyfire, Aug 01 2003


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