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Genius Queen-size Bed-making Strategy

One fell swoop
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This is just a little "vouchsafable" from the infinite archive of JesusHChrist tips for getting through life.

I have a queen size bed. I often have trouble waking up. In the past, every morning I would go from one side to the other, groggilly and frustratingly making the bed, adjusting and tucking, over and over, until I got the sheet and cover just right.

Recently I discovered the genius solution:

Stand at the foot of the bed. Grab both the sheet and cover at the corners held high above your head as if you are being crucified by them. Fall on to the bed with arms still outstretched, turning your face to the side if you are a big baby like me. Get the bed made in one fell swoop and a smack in the face that wakes you up at the same time.


JesusHChrist, Feb 22 2015


       You make the bed in the morning?
RayfordSteele, Feb 24 2015


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