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Elderly adoptees

Short-term mutual interdependence
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At least a few countries allow "parents" to claim their "dependents" as tax writeoffs. Likewisely, such "parents" can set aside tax-free bequeathments for such a dependent's future equity., T***p style.

Now, if such a parent were to adopt a really elderly "son" or "daughter" -- perhaps a retired comedian or someone from a retired actors' home -- the tax benificence would be noticeable but possibly short-lived, as liquidity dictates.

4and20, Apr 16 2022

Bouncing and over 35? https://www.legalzo...ally-adopt-an-adult
[4and20, Apr 16 2022]


       Makes you wonder what the rules surrounding adoption and taxes are regarding age.
RayfordSteele, Apr 16 2022


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