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Head-mounted Presence Denier

Block anything you don't want to see from your line of vision.
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One of my pet hates is sitting in a pub or in fact any sort of room that has a television on which I don't wish to watch. The screen seems to constantly attract my eyes, and I find myself staring gormlessly at it, especially if the screen happens to be in my direct line of vision from the position I'm sitting in. The idea is to have a a piece of black card about 10cm x 10cm mounted on the end of a 40cm long strut, which in turn is attached to either your hat, or a metal band round your forehead by means of a stiff universal joint (stiff so that it can be moved to whatever position you want, but will then stay there). This would also be extremely useful for blocking out the sun when you're eating breakfast on your balcony in the morning, or the bulb of your bedroom light while reading in bed, or even a person across the bar/cafe/bus who is particularly unpleasant to look at. It would also be possible to mount multiple struts on the one persons head.
stupop, Oct 09 2001

Polarized headlights and windshields http://www.halfbake...20and_20windshields
Slightly halfbaked already. See my annotation to this idea - basically LCD goggles which would selectively black out certain pixels allowing you to look at bright lights. Could also be used to mask televisions, ugly people at Halfbakers gatherings, etc. [hippo, Oct 09 2001]


       The multiple struts would be a lovely visual illustration - I imagine someone who resents all sorts of people and things surrounded by black cards, indeed, entirely shaded and blinkered, but not by the world that goes on sunny & talkative all around.   

       However, I don't think the card would work very well for unwanted TVs. Some of them are very big, and keeping my head still would give me a crick in my neck.
hello_c, Oct 09 2001

       <dream sequence> Envisions stupop wandering around with multiple blinker cards on head, happy that he is filtering out all the undesireable things in life whilst small children whisper to their mothers "mummy... who is that strange man again?" </dream sequence>
Having said that I rather like it, though you would have to be wealthy so that you could call yourself eccentric, rather than being poor, and therefore clearly mad....
The_Englishman_Abroad, Oct 09 2001

       See link...

I think though that if this is going to be implemented with bits of black cards on the ends of sticks, I'd want lots of lovely GPS systems, gimbals and gyroscopes to keep the sticks pointing in the right directions.
hippo, Oct 10 2001


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