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Electric Balls

Modern day learn to juggle kit
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A set containing two wrist bands and a set of juggling balls or other objects suitable for juggling, containing a mechanism for sensing inertial & positional information, using either gyros or a radio transmitter and a field sensor.

The juggling session can thus be captured and played back by software on a PC in real time or playback mode, showing where hand or ball movement is suboptimal.

theircompetitor, Jul 22 2006

(?) Juggling http://video.google...4776181634656145640
I forget where I got the link from - but I suspect it was thanks to a halfbaker [fridge duck, Jul 22 2006]

Easy popcorn bean bags http://www.juggling...4/tips.html#popcorn
These are a lot easier to make. [baconbrain, Jul 23 2006]


       There isn't exactly a set way to juggle - as shown in the link.   

       3 ball juggling only took me a total of 4 or 5 hours to get used to just doing it myself - and anything more than that would be very difficult to learn by reading from a computer.
fridge duck, Jul 22 2006

       Sorry if I'm missing something here, but wouldn't just videoing yourself have the same effect at a fraction of the expense?
lostdog, Jul 22 2006

       //Electric balls// Baked in Cambodia, Chile... Sorry, sorry, don't mention the war, sorry.   

       While you're at it, why not control real-time audio-visual effects with this?
spidermother, Jul 22 2006

       Bun solely for the title.
Texticle, Jul 22 2006

       /Bun solely for the title/ -You would say that.   

       Also, what [Texticle] said. +
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Jul 23 2006

       MM, sorry, I can only pay attention to three things at once if my job requires it, and even then I'm crap at it.
ye_river_xiv, Jul 23 2006

       Jugglery pedantry: A ball-juggling throw comes off the upper part of the palm of the hand and can be corrupted by contact with the fingers. A wrist band isn't going to be enough of a sensor.
baconbrain, Jul 23 2006


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