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Invisible ball

listen... here it comes....
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You can use your ears to locate a position in space. I remember an art exhibit that made it sound like a ball was bouncing around the room. What if you could play games with such a sound ball? The computer would track your location and the ball's location. Feedback gloves (or a feedback racket depending on the game) would vibrate to let you know when you'd caught it or hit it.

All the fun of racquetball without betting hit in the head... ever!

futurebird, Apr 06 2004


       but would it cause the demise of the "football in the groin" blooper show? damned technology.
eyeguy, Apr 06 2004

       </obligatory> Didn't even see it coming. <o>
Letsbuildafort, Apr 06 2004

       The best part of racquetball is getting hit in the head.
yabba do yabba dabba, Apr 06 2004

       Many of us long for that, but you have to start someplace.
futurebird, Apr 06 2004

       It's all fun and games until someone looses an ear.   

       You could call it Invisiball. +
sartep, Apr 07 2004

       That name has already been used by some guy with too long a moniker.   

       I hope he isn't pissed off for not knowing about it, he scares me.
sartep, Apr 07 2004

       He is an angry, angry man. I don't want to spoil the surprise for you, but some time in the near future, he will find out where you live. The last thing you're going to see is the shiny steel blade of a well-honed axe, coming right at you. (he's one of those medieval types ).   

       For what it's worth, at least you won't see it for very long. Wait; this is no time for words of comfort :   

       Be afraid; be very afraid.....
blueturtle, Apr 07 2004

       I love this, sharpen your skills. Can we have one with a Jedi space helmet visor?
RayfordSteele, Apr 07 2004

       Scares me too sometimes.   

       I can't believe this got +15 votes. Ridiculous idea.
Pocketassreturn, May 09 2004


Couldn't you just play racquetball with the lights out? Sure, you'd run into the walls a few times, but wouldn't you learn to echo locate them?


Start with a white ball, so it's hard to see, then dim the lights. Paste some of those glow in the dark stars on the walls (and on your opponent), so you know where they are. Then only the ball is invisible.
ldischler, May 09 2004


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