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Melody ball

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A ball with 256 nodes or buttons spread around it's surface, each of which activates a different sound when pressed. by rolling the ball, a random melody is created
simonj, Feb 18 2012

Roly Poly chime ball http://www.thisoldt...ypolychimeball.html
[pocmloc, Feb 20 2012]


       I like it; sounds like a great toy for creative kids and bored adults. Give it a memory function to save particularly appealing results, then string them together into virtuoso Melody Ball compositions, then budding Mozarts can make wonderful music whilst simultaneously bonking their siblings over the head.
Alterother, Feb 19 2012

       During a game of soccer, track the ball with high resolution cameras / telephoto lenses. Decorate the surface of the ball with visual markers. (If you like, they can be infra-red-retroreflective, and you can put coaxial IR strobes on the cameras. That way the appearance of the ball is unchanged for players and spectators).   

       For some suitable distribution of redundant markers, it should be possible to get the ball's orientation as an uninterrupted, continuous function of time, throughout the game. Map that onto musical notes -- empirically develop a mapping that gives esthetically pleasing notes. //256 nodes// would be one possible mapping. In development, do it offline but, when you've got it working, do it in real time, and offer it as a second, optional audio channel, for those who prefer to watch the game without commentary.
mouseposture, Feb 19 2012

       could this be an insideout spherical xylophone with a metal ball inside?
JesusHChrist, Feb 20 2012


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