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Electric light

Light from electricity
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During the day, when you turn on this light it sets the mirrors on the roof to send light to the mirrors on your window for optimal light. The dimmer allows you to adjust at will.

At night it automatically shuts the shades so the street lights don't enter your house, and then gradually, withing half an hour turns off all electric appliances and all lighting so you go to sleep at natural hours.

pashute, Jul 06 2016


       Why would I want to go to sleep at natural hours?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 06 2016

       [MaxwellBuchanan] just set the time to a few time-zones west, and you can stay on your nocturnal schedule.
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 06 2016

       _All_ electrical appliances? Air con, fridge, heating, burglar alarm, kidney machine?
nineteenthly, Jul 07 2016


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