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fluorescent windows that can change colour

imagine walking past a fluorescing whits wall that could change colours as you past it because of your body heat. (not sure wether someone has already done that.
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In this idea, i'm simoply trying to take the idea of a fluorescent window by "potatostew" pasted on march, 29 2001 a step further.

the idea is based on two tightly enclosed panes of glass with a gap inbetween, filled with some sort of flourescing gas or material that is semitransparent, or even a liquid. but now the question is; is there any way to get the coulours to change. because i've seen many times neon lights of some sort that could slowly change coulours. but in this example i don't want the whole screen to chenge coulor. just blotchs of it. like a 2d lava lamp.

I was thinking. wouldn't it be really cool if you could have a whole wall across your corridor (or hall or whatever) fluorescing? but not only that but when you or any other heat source comes close to it it could change colour. but not because or preferably not by electronic means, just by simple reaction of chemicals.

i currently know of one example of this, but it is of such pathetic quality and its expensive, its also controlled by a computer and in sense is actually a plasma screen. in my example, i want the gases to flow, not be cought up in cells, so they can mix colours and you'd get a beautiful swirl of patterns.

what do you think.

for the time being ignore cost. just is it possible and how?

E-logical, Nov 04 2003


       errr...that's what you're meant to tell us.
squeak, Nov 04 2003

       I was initally so happy to see fluorescent spelled correctly. Initially.
bungston, Nov 04 2003

       I can forgive not capitlizing the first word of sentences, because microsoft word has made me lazy in that respect as well. But for god's sake man, please promise to partake in proper punctuation!
Overpanic, Nov 04 2003

       Thanx for the response buddha_pest. I'm aware of the polished panels your talking about. They're a good option but the only problem is that they only look good when used over a small area. if you use it on a large pane of glass you get bright edges. not only that but you can only get a single flat colour. I like the idea of the LED's. the only thibng i'm wondering is the resolution (unless ofcourse they are micro-diodes). Thanks for the input.   

       greatly appreciated.
E-logical, Nov 05 2003


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