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Electrochemical Screen

Use use electric and photonic patterning to emulate material surface properties.
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Details in the link.
Mindey, Dec 08 2021

(?) Infinity.Family — Electrochemical Screen https://infinity.fa...ctrochemical-screen
"Like a computer screen, but chemically and physically active." [Mindey, Dec 08 2021]

Tunable metamaterial https://en.wikipedi...unable_metamaterial
[xaviergisz, Dec 08 2021]

[Positronic Material Emulation Screen] https://infinity.fa...al-emulation-screen
Related idea from the past. [Mindey, Dec 08 2021]


       Well This is over my head so I'm just going to make some popcorn and see how it plays out.
(+) for the overmyheadedness.

       Um... after reading the link... why didn't you just add that to the idea portion?   

       // Um... after reading the link... why didn't you just add that to the idea portion?   

       For one, I wanted to share the idea in Lithuanian language too (sumanymai.lt is the site, if you're curious). Writing multilingually on Halfbakery is not possible, and there are a few minor other reasons.   

       And, no worries, I've added this link to archive.org, won't disappear. :)
Mindey, Dec 08 2021

       Are we assuming that all the interesting properties of any given material are merely properties of the combination of electrons at the surface of that material?   

       And can you give an example of any specific surface property you might try to emulate in this way?
pertinax, Dec 08 2021

       // tunable metamaterial   

       "variable response to an incident electromagnetic wave"   

       So, it's baked? "Tunable material" is probably that, but hold your breath. Now I remember what was my original idea, next see link: [Positronic Material Emulation Screen], which I had in the beginning of the year, which probably is not.
Mindey, Dec 08 2021


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