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epaper NFC

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It's an epaper of various sizes but without a battery.

The way it works, is that to update the display you place a phone over the epaper, and command it to change it's content.

This epaper will collect enough power from the phone to change the content of the display.

Uses, post it notes on the fridge can be updated by touching your phone on it.

Physical guest book, you can add a message to the wall by tapping your phone.


mofosyne, Jul 04 2013


       I like this. You could have a three layer sandwich:
• Photosensors on the back
• NFC and circuitry in the middle.
• e-ink display on the top.
That way you could place this on a suitably enabled display and take a copy of it.
st3f, Jul 07 2015

       I like this too.   

       In fact, I suspect that a large piece of epaper could have circuits embedded to harvest enough energy from ambient RF.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 07 2015

       Can one suck power out of a phone just by being in proximity? Could one in theory obtain superpowers this way, or at least supranormal powers of whatever body part is in close proximity to the phone?
bungston, Jul 07 2015

       Well, a few years back we were all told that phones were microwaving our brains. So yes, you should be able to harvest something.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 07 2015


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