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Electromagnetic aircraft braking

Create a magnetic field and slow airplanes with it
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When an airplane is landing, on each side of a runway activate a powerful electromagnet such that flux lines run above the runway. The airplane should theoretically be thereby slowed.
Voice, Jan 18 2021

Lenz effect https://www.youtube...watch?v=yk4ACjzDFRY
[Voice, Jan 18 2021]

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       Linear motors are Baked ... this could also be used to increase downforce on the gear.   

       In fact, a "corridor" could be created, defining the flare profile ; lift, then downforce and drag.   

       Shame about the passengers with pacemakers ... but the warnings at the departure gate were very clear. .
8th of 7, Jan 18 2021

       I suspect the power of the electromagnet would have to be immense, given the inverse square relationship with distance. This would, of course, mess with both magnetic, and inertial navigation equipment. In addition, any ferrous metal FOD would be somewhat weaponized when it's switched on. So [+].
bs0u0155, Jan 22 2021

       [bs0] Yes, but think of the benefits: airlines would be able to start offering in-flight CAT scans
hippo, Jan 22 2021

       //offering in-flight CAT scans// I think you mean MRI, but you'd need a MUCH stronger field to achieve that, a superconducting magnet, the downside with those is that they're technically electromagnets, but, the lack of resistance means they continue to function in the absence of external power... so you couldn't turn it off. Making take off tricky.
bs0u0155, Jan 22 2021

       //Making take off tricky// - only for ferrous aeroplanes, surely? Aluminium aeroplanes should be OK
hippo, Jan 22 2021

       Have you heard of eddy currents ? Obviously not ...
8th of 7, Jan 22 2021

       What do you think I was planning to use to power the in-flight entertainment system?

Also: <Douglas Adams>“Eddies in the space-time continuum” - “Is he?”</DA>
hippo, Jan 22 2021

       I remember when Eddy Currents was on Top of the Pops, his only hit single reached no.9 in the charts.
pocmloc, Jan 22 2021

       //Eddy Currents was on Top of the Pops, his only hit single reached no.9 in the charts.//   

       True. But after lucrative electrical industry career. Not because of his engineering prowess, but rather the sheer number of court cases won and settlements awarded. His employers kept paper records that his colleagues were conspiring to minimize his role in many projects and even banish him completely. There were even cruel nicknames, like "Parasitic Eddy Currents".
bs0u0155, Jan 22 2021

       We understand that he was one of the pioneers of Heavy Metal ...
8th of 7, Jan 22 2021


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