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Electronic Handshake

Learn all about him.
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They say you can learn a lot about a person from their handshake. I never have, but we can fix this with technology and lots of money.

Picture a box just big enough to slip your hand in. Its full of various sensors and a computer with a display.

Next time you meet someone somewhere, say, at a bar you just ask them for an electronic handshake. They slip their hand into the box and the box tells everyone about the person by using its sensors and e-nose tech.

So you might get something like "Male. Has recently fired a firearm. Has good hygeine. Masturbates daily. Recently removed his wedding ring. Has 2% fecal matter in his fingernails. Scratched himself recently very vigorously. Has a pet cat. Uses Dove soap." etc.

Could revolutionize the bar scene, business, socializing, or just be good but scary 1984-esque fun.

lowbot, Apr 10 2005


       What if each person had his own electronic device, and the devices exchanged the personal information that was programmed into them by their owners?
whippinggas, Apr 10 2005

       How is any one of those pieces of information useful knowledge in dating?
DrCurry, Apr 10 2005

       Could also serve as a doorkey in combination with the physical key.
rrr, Apr 02 2006

       RS232/485/422 I²C, they've all got one of these... Oh, hang on I geddit
Dub, Apr 02 2006

       there was an idea of linking 2 personal wearable computers, sending information as the small amount of electricity that can pass through skin. A handshake could exchange business cards or something similar. Bandwidth probably pales in comparison with USB so you cant exchange mp3 files.   

       but that makes it too easy for identity thieves to steal info in crowded places. maybe some sort of on off switch for this.   

       reminds me of the bible story where a sick old lady touches Jesus' cothes and he felt the power leave him
vmaldia, Aug 05 2006


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