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Theremin Mouse

Triangulated Theremin 2-D input device
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Take two Moog Ethervox Theramin devices. Place them a foot or so apart.

Take their respective MIDI outputs and plug them into your PC's MIDI port (you need to buy this as well).

Write a mouse-driver which converts the MIDI signal into the suitable 2-d coordinates; probably possible by triangulating the two signals.

Voila ! A mouseless mouse, and great sound effects as you navigate through that boring spreadsheet and all for a mere $9,900. (maybe more, they're no longer manufactured apparently).

Oh - forgot about the mouse buttons - ok , some converted sustain pedals, and a Wa-Wa for the little wheel in the middle.

Seriously, I'm sure this would work with cheaper Theremins-type devices just as well.

monojohnny, Jul 05 2006

Moog Theremin http://www.moogmusi...?main_product_id=11
Ethervox [monojohnny, Jul 05 2006]


       was he on a stair?
po, Jul 05 2006

       I've seen theremins for considerably cheaper than that. If you didn't actually need to use it as an instrument, you could just have a theremin-like-device that went striaght to a PS2 port. [+]
gisho, Aug 02 2006

       Yay! A mouse organ
Dub, Aug 02 2006


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