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Electronic ScreenWiper

Keep your monitor (or phone) smudge- and fingerprint-free
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Much like a car windscreen attracts bugs, dirt, and other debris, electronic screens, such as those on monitors, laptops and phones, have a tendency to attract fingerprints, smudges, and other marks of uncertain origin.

Instead of reaching for a bottle of spray and a microfibre cloth, now you can easily hit the button on your clip-on ScreenWiper, with its built-in rechargable battery and refillable cleaning liquid reservoir, and it will spray and wipe all those greasy prints away with the same action as a standar windshield wiper

You can even buy them in different sizes -- jumbo-sized for the big screen TV at home, standard for your average monitor or laptop screen, and portable for your phone.

No more fingerprints! No more digging around for a soft cloth! ScreenWiper is here for that.

ironic hotel soap, Mar 23 2021

windscreen_20wipers_20everywhere [pocmloc, Mar 23 2021]


       Welcome. Allow me to bestow your first (+)   

       So, what's it look like ?
FlyingToaster, Mar 23 2021

       What FT said ^
21 Quest, Mar 23 2021

       My phone doesn't get greasy
chronological, Mar 23 2021

       I envision a square frame around the phone. A device like a wiper blade with a mister slides down and back up vertically across the screen.
Voice, Mar 24 2021

       Welcome to the half bonery! Please ignore the explosive residue, mind your fingers, and don your thickest skin.
Voice, Mar 24 2021

       Kudos for the best username in a very long time. I had to sit and wonder about it for a bit. As for your idea, my touch screen monitor is covered with unknown specks of such and such. I would love this. Never, ever are my cleaning thingys in the same spot, or even in a location, I can remember.   

       Welcome strangely named, one.
blissmiss, Mar 25 2021

       To advertise it have a funny app cleaning the screen from the inside, and when failing asking the users to buy the external one.
pashute, Mar 25 2021

       Welcome! Will the cleaning fluids be available in a range of flavors?
bs0u0155, Mar 25 2021

       // [link] //   

       I doff my hat in embarrassment. My research was incomplete and insufficient.   

       // So, what's it look like ? //   

       Ah, so you're one of these people who've never seen a car before?   

       Thank you all for your profuse welcome. I look forward to saying nothing of use in my time here.
ironic hotel soap, Mar 25 2021

       //I doff my hat in embarrassment. My research was incomplete and insufficient.//   

       The lack of depth was matched only by the lack of breadth, quality and quantity.   

       //look forward to saying nothing of use in my time here.//   

       There's work to do to reach those lofty heights.
bs0u0155, Mar 25 2021

       //I look forward to saying nothing of use in my time here.//   

       Just get the spelling write.   

AusCan531, Mar 26 2021

       Might also be another haptic source with a bit of open programming.
wjt, Mar 26 2021

       Wouldn't it be more of a haptic destination than a haptic source? Or are you hoping for interesting out- of- control feedback loops?
pertinax, Mar 27 2021

       Now now, you'll aggravate your haptic ulcer.
whatrock, Mar 27 2021

       A bug that can't get any blood is hapless. A bug that has a feast is a haptic.
Voice, Mar 27 2021

       The new up-down dual blade now has a dual purpose of cleaning bug splats off car windscreens. Just hold the phone's face against the surface and initiate the call.
wjt, Mar 30 2021


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