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Disposable fingertips

Another solution to preventing sticky fingerprints on monitors
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As mentioned in another idea [link] my colleague Ian has an almost pathological dislike of people touching computer screens with their fingers because it leaves annoying fingerprints.

An alternative solution is to have a small receptable by the monitor filled with disposable paper thimbles. On noticing something interesting in the chromatogram on screen, the researcher simply puts their index finger into the receptacle and dons a disposable fingertip. They are then free to point to their heart's content, without annoying Ian*

*this is very important as he is the only one who knows how to work the instruments properly.

hazel, May 11 2004

Nu Screens http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Nu-screens
My other idea, slightly borrowed from [jonthegeologist] [hazel, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       just convince 'Ian' that it's his safety goggles, rather than the screen that are unclean:

"No, 'Ian', the screen's perfectly clean, not a fingerprint to be seen".
neilp, May 13 2004

       I'm now obsessed with finding out what causes these disciplined and dedicated scientists to aquire their sticky/messy fingers? I always pictured the lab environment as a paradigm of cleanliness no?
dobtabulous, May 14 2004

       Finger cots, they're called (latex, not paper).
DrCurry, May 14 2004

       I've seen the latex ones [DrC] and am very pleased to find out they have a name. Sadly we're in a trace lipid lab and want to avoid things like latex which might fill everything with contaminants. Plastic gloves are bad enough because of the phthalate plasticisers.   

       [dob] - in our lab, fingerprints are the devil's own work as they are full of lipids. I have even extracted my own fingers (not all of them you understand) just so I know what they look like and don't accidentally mistake a fingerprint residue for real results (results?! chance would be a fine thing). The only way you'll get em really clean [dob] is to extract em with solvent. Not recommended. The body seems to prefer skin to be kept well oiled. Mother Nature - tsk.
hazel, May 14 2004

       can someone gimme a phonetic spelling of \\phthalate\\. I tried to pronounce it but I hurt myself.
etherman, May 14 2004

       \\can someone gimme a phonetic spelling of \\phthalate\\. I tried to pronounce it but I hurt myself\\   

       Probably too late now (only 2.5 years) but we generally don't try to do the ph bit and just say "thallayte".
hazel, Sep 28 2006

       Start saying "f**k", stop mid-"f" and say "thallayte". Paper gloves (or fingertips) would also be hypoallergenic (I'm pretty sure). I like it.
Veho, Sep 28 2006


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