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Elevator Door Alarm

Keep people from holding Lift doors open
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A simple alarm that blares at about 300 to 500 decibels should be installed in every elevator or lift. Better yet a recorded voice that says "Close the door, Close the door, Close the door, CLOSE THE DAMN DOOR YOU RUDE INSENSITIVE BABOON!" At increasingly loud levels would also be nice

When the door is held open for longer than 45 second the alarm should go off until 15 seconds after the door closes.

This would keep people from hanging elevators for 5 or 10 minutes while waiting for a slow poke friend.

Capt GrayBeard, Dec 20 2006

Db levels http://www.800nonoi...orial_noiselist.htm
[webfishrune, Dec 20 2006]


       And the cost of providing everyone within the building with ear protection would be funded how?
oneoffdave, Dec 20 2006

       You could use directional sound so only people inside the lift would hear it.
imaginality, Dec 20 2006

       Capt GrayBeard, I am sure you can come up with a better system for expedient closing of elevator doors. All this idea does is cause more of a problem then the first one. Welcome to the HB.
Chefboyrbored, Dec 20 2006

       I have seen this. The elevator didn't sound the main alarm, but rather pinged the "arriving at floor" dinger repeatedly and annoyingly.
supercat, Dec 20 2006

       My elevators at work have this already. It rings way too soon and often because the doors themselves close too slowly. It's obnoxious.
phundug, Dec 20 2006


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