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Elevator Trash Compactor

Combination Elevator/Trash Compactor
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This came to me as I was watching the janitor in my office building wheel a load of trash onto the service elevator. My building already has six perfectly good trash chutes that go straight down to the bottom. It's just a matter of moving those pesky elevator cars out of the way.

Putting the trash directly in the elevator car and hauling it down is a waste of resources. Both the building electricity and the janitor's time. Just give each janitor a key that will send an elevator to the floor *above* and open the door. Now the janitor dumps the trash and continues cleaning.

As an added bonus, with every trip to the bottom floor, we smash the garbage down just a bit more. Again, this happens for free, as the kenetic energy contained in a descending elevator car is currently just wasted by the elevator brakes.

footzilla, Apr 28 2005

Ewww. Baked. http://www.earth.si...d/0923/Dsc00310.jpg
[footzilla, Jun 10 2005]


       Wouldn't this make the lift a rather smelly place?   


       On second thoughts, that may not be such a bad idea.... "Say Bub, did you just fart?". "No Bob, that's just yesterday's trash."
Mayfly, Apr 28 2005

wagster, Apr 28 2005

       Ah, ingenious. <Next, a trash container for automotive bumpers--a car-crash compactor.>
ldischler, Apr 28 2005

       Argh, that is seriously going to stink.   

       That key would be really useful for getting rid of someone. Open lift door, throw unfortunate person down lift shaft, squash with lift.
david_scothern, Apr 28 2005

       //really useful for getting rid of someone//
Emilio Estevez, for example.
calum, Apr 28 2005

       Elevator conversation:
"What does this 'COMPACT' button do?"
"No don't push that, don't push AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa!" <crunch>
phundug, Apr 28 2005

       This would cause problems when something eventually gets caught on the track the elevator rides on.
evilpenguin, Oct 21 2007

       "With garbage piling up in the city's compactors, the sanitation engineers union appears to have the upper hand in negotiations. As hundreds of workers are unable to get the elevators all the way down at the ground floor, complaints are mounting."
normzone, Apr 22 2008


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