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Elevator warning light

Light that warns when people are getting off elevator
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How many times have you started to get on an elevator, only to almost bump noses with the person getting off?

Elevator lobbies need a warning light that appears outside an elevator door whenever an elevator is stopping at that floor AT THE REQUEST OF SOMEONE INSIDE IT. That way, people who are waiting to get on will know that there's someone about to get off and move aside until entry is clear.

It would be super easy to implement and I'm surprised it isn't already standard.

schnitzi, Nov 23 2007


       Not a bad idea, and just in time for Elevator Escalator Safety Awareness Week!
jutta, Nov 23 2007

       You should just stand back a little as the doors open. So should I. I wonder why we don't?
wagster, Nov 23 2007

       You don't because the lift is full, and I don't because I'm stressed and rude, [wagster]. ;-)
pertinax, Nov 23 2007

MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 23 2007

       This has been solved on the London Underground and i'm sure in other places.   

       The lifts have doors on two opposite sides, one end for entry, the other for exit. The exit door opens a few seconds before the entry door opens, thus the lift is empty or almost so by the time you are able to start walking into it.
webfishrune, Nov 23 2007

       [jutta], perhaps the '3' is pronounced in a nasal Essex accent as in:   

       "Ere, how many johnnies you got?"
"Ar wicked! 'Ah much were they?"
"Free, from the clinic init."

       If you get my meaning...
theleopard, Nov 23 2007

       //Have the doors swing outwards// That may be a good idea, but it would be harder to implement. Also, wouldn't the auto-swinging doors be more prone to mechanical failure? what if the elevator broke down, and it wasnt EXACTLY lined up with the floor - {}- How on earth are you supposed to rescue someone from that? of course they could get out through the escape hatch, but what if they cant climb down the shaft?
Dickcheney6, Apr 16 2008

       just put an extra LED in the Call button.   

       But even if there's no traffic the doors stay open long enough for you to actually check visually if somebody's getting off without worrying about wasting time.
FlyingToaster, Apr 17 2008

       Dead simple and obvious, but I wonder why the elevator doors aren't glazed. That's the normal solution for most other doors.
Ling, Apr 17 2008

       You should always be prepared to let people exit prior to entering.
Jscotty, Apr 17 2008


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