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Elevator bar

Small bar in a big elevator
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I've been in rotating restaurants atop (and within) buildings) but I've never been in a bar-car elevator. A tall skyscraper like the Empire State or the John Hancock would have just enough time for a quick beer on the way up if the elevator was big enough...what floor is this, anyway?
cloudface, Apr 28 2005

Williamsburg Dildo http://www.gawker.c...nk-dildo-012813.php
Not really sure why I mention this. I think this is the tallest building in brroklyn, or was for a while. It has amazingly awesome, very slow elevators, perfect for a little bar action. [Blumster, Apr 29 2005]


       I like it! And if I may, for smaller elevators, we could place candy machines or Express coffee machines! No longer having to make a stop on the way to the office to get a coffee!
Sprokets, Apr 28 2005

       In case of emergency drink faster.   

       Good idea. I'd like to meet the bartender who could mix me a long island on the way up the williamsburg bankbuilding. Linky.[+]
Blumster, Apr 29 2005

       This reminds me of a sketch I saw on Red Dwarf where they crew take a lift journey through the ship that's so long they get given an in-lift movie!
Bronzewing, Jan 19 2006

       make it slower and add karaoke
sukiyaki, Dec 20 2009


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