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hand dryer phone charger

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Phone running out of charge? Just nip into any public toilet and attach this handy phone charger wind turbine to the hand dryer.
hippo, Apr 06 2014


       I'm not sure I can reliably reproduce an evil laugh for a long enough time period to sufficiently charge the battery.
RayfordSteele, Apr 07 2014

       That is weird, I had the same idea about a week ago...great minds etc
not_morrison_rm, Apr 08 2014

       As long as there is a hand dryer in there! Here in the US, so many places are going *green* and will only have brown(recycled paper) paper towels available! [+] If available.
xandram, Apr 09 2014

       Perhaps then construct a little Rankine engine with a boiler suited to incinerate paper towels.
the porpoise, Apr 09 2014

       Yes, I think that would be an ideal solution
hippo, Apr 09 2014


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