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Elliptical Video Format

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Rectangular video formattings are well suited for a few things: reading text, displaying 2D tables, tiling(cartography) and pictures of rectangular objects, but that's about it.

For an application that emulates first-person "looking", ie: movies, entertainment TV, etc. the field-of-view and attention focus of human eyesight is roughly elliptical: corner elements are so non-sequitur that TV networks often park advertisements there with almost no degradation of entertainment quality.

So that's the idea: elliptical recording/playback devices, and storage-format.

Using pixels, identical in both size and count, an elliptical screen will be almost 13% larger in both height and width than a comparable rectangular display. A 32" rectangular TV's worth of pixels is equivalent to a 36" elliptical TV.

FlyingToaster, Feb 15 2013


       I think it'd make me feel like i'm in Flash Gordon or something. I have thought about spiral scanning in the past. I wouldn't see my field of view as elliptical, even though it sort of is (maybe more movie binocular-style field of view in that sense) because the back of my head isn't a colour. Interesting, [+].
nineteenthly, Feb 15 2013

       It's not only physical field-of-view of course, but field of perception, which is mostly going to be centered since that's where cameramen put it.   

       And yes, there's a good possibility that the Buck Rogers TV genre did futuristic elliptical screens for the same reason: a larger perceptive field for the same amount of electronic bandwidth.
FlyingToaster, Feb 15 2013

       I was sure I had an annotation here somewhere...
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 15 2013

       ah, you did, I went to swat a spider on the screen with my mouse pointer and hit the delete button... something about pork pie hats ? no, wait...   

       "I don't see how manufacturing costs would be more expensive than rectangular unless LCD screens are cut out of immense swaths of tri-pixel sheets" (?).   

       The contested figure 1.128… is (4/pi)œ : the answer to the oft-asked question "How much taller and wider is an elliptical screen compared to a rectangular screen of the same aspect ratio and surface area ?"   

       ie: the 32" >> 36" claim is poetically licensed only in respect unit of measurement (diagonal inches). More precisely worded the resulting ellipse would fit into a 36" rectangle (36.1 actually).
FlyingToaster, Feb 16 2013

       // TV networks often park advertisements there with almost no degradation of entertainment quality. //   

       That's a very subjective statement; once perhaps true, it now only highlights the trend in animated ads, ads that take up fully a third of the screen area, seizure-inducing flashing ads, ads for the program that is currently playing and, most maddening of all, twitter feeds. Honestly, I really do not want to know what the tweeting viewer thinks of a dime-store 'reality' show that's only in production because it's a cheaper alternative to a test pattern.
Alterother, Feb 16 2013

       In the same way as a soluble computer consisting of small components with LEDs on them (which is an old idea of mine) could shape itself differently, maybe a bunch of optical fibres could be arranged elliptically, rectangularly and so forth.
nineteenthly, Feb 16 2013


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