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Elvis Funeral

This Has Probably Been Baked To Death.
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The King may be dead, but from what I have been told by reliable sources, many other people also die in the course of an average day. Convention dictates that many of these will be given some form of funeral.

Seeing as how Mr Presley is available for all the other important ceremonies, it is only fair that he be given a chance to give people a good send-off. And considering the dearth of Elvis impersonators out there, this wouldn't be too hard to manage.

And he would obviously be available for a good sing-song to make everyone feel better in the reception afterwards as well.

hidden truths, Oct 13 2005


       List. I guess such a sendoff would be in keeping with the spirit of life. I wouldn't feel comfortable at this or at a punk funeral, but that's me.
reensure, Oct 13 2005

       I've heard the saying "King's ransom". I guess this is the "King's funeral".
Heechee, Oct 13 2005

       I know what you mean [reensure]. But I would probably feel equally uncomfortable at an Elvis wedding. This would probably cater exclusively to die hard Elvis fans.
hidden truths, Oct 13 2005

       "When the King died he was all alone.
I heard that when he died he was sitting on his throne.
Alas, poor Elvis, they made us know you well,
now you dwell forever in that Heartbreak Hotel"
gnomethang, Oct 13 2005

       Elvis is dead?
angel, Oct 13 2005

       i think this would probably be the best send off ever. excluding, quite naturally, riding through the clouds on pegasus, but lets be realistic, shall we? everyone knows pegasus isnt available on such short notice...
totallyjawesome, Oct 13 2005


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