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De-fleshing Service

Ashes to Ashes the Natural Way
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When our dear grandfather passed away, we all gathered ‘round to read the will. Boy, were we surprised! Instead of being buried or cremated, grandpa wanted to have his skeleton hung in a prominent place at his favorite tavern. How in the world were we to separate our departed granddad from his skeleton?

Enter A1 Super De-fleshing Service. The nice men from A1 Super De-fleshing whisked Grandpa away and, in less than two weeks, they brought back a box of squeaky-clean bones. Imagine how happy we were. Naturally, we’ll to get Grandpa wired together but at least we are rid of his perishable bits.

Apparently, the folks at A1 Super De-fleshing Service put dead bodies into a special sealed-off room. The corpses are Quick-Macerated by colonies of blowflies, rats and beetles. At the end of the process, the soft tissue has all been devoured and dry, white bones are all that remain. We found that natural de-fleshing was so much cheaper than chemical maceration because it uses common pests to do that they do best. We got a whole skeleton but some people take home only the skull -- in a lovely hardwood box.

A1 Super De-fleshing says that customers come from all over. They see families like ours every day. They see police departments and hospitals that need stuff de-fleshed without harsh chemicals. They even serve colleges and medical schools that need intact skeletons.

So remember, next time you need a skeleton, skip the nasty chemicals and get your de-fleshing done the natural way.

catmaker, Nov 09 2005

(?) Here's a prospective customer http://www.jsonline...ws/oct05/366482.asp
A skeleton seeker [catmaker, Nov 09 2005]

Who would have thought bones were so hard to come by? http://www.salon.co...000/08/28/skeleton/
[catmaker, Nov 09 2005]

Some academics find novel solutions http://www.udel.edu...senger/92/3/13.html
[catmaker, Nov 09 2005]

(?) Let’s introduce the workers http://folk.uio.no/...ommon_insects.shtml
[catmaker, Nov 09 2005]

Tibetan sky burial accounts. http://www.ciolek.c...ges/tib-burial.html
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 09 2005]


       Not exactly a new idea: many cultures strip the flesh from their dead and have people who specialize in that. They may not exactly advertise in the yellow pages, but then, these cultures tend to be the ones without yellow pages.
DrCurry, Nov 09 2005

       I would imagine freeze-drying would be easier, faster, and more thorough.
contracts, Nov 09 2005

       It's not exactly being left for the wolves but I think that Tibetans have the right idea. [link]   

       I thought boiling was the usual way to deflesh.
Texticle, Nov 09 2005

       Using rats to deflesh the body would not be a good idea..unless of course you like having little bite- and scratchmarks on the bones..
akumabito, Nov 10 2005


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