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Email Response timer

Averages the time It takes people to respond to emails
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Know someone that takes forever to respond to your emails? How about someone that writes back seconds after they've been contacted? With Email Response timer you can rank your friends response time. It will allow you to track only those emails where you expect a response, so the timing is accurate. No more guessing, know what to expect from your friends!
SamHB, Nov 07 2007

Baked http://ReadNotify.com
Tracks email in configurable ways -- includes Time opened (and counts), Maps, Forward Addresses, etc. [quantass, Nov 10 2007]


       SMTP is a "best effort" protocol. It does it's best to deliver mail in a timely manner, but places more emphasis on fault tolerance than on speed. Spam filters exacerbate the problem. How do you know your e-mail didn't sit in the messaging queue on your outbound mail server for two days before it was delivered?
phoenix, Nov 08 2007

       It's Ted Stevens all over again.
Spacecoyote, Nov 08 2007

       I am sure this is Baked for commercial spamware. Some certainly tracks when you look at the message (by embedding pixel jpgs).
DrCurry, Nov 10 2007

       [DrCurry] yup this has been dont a long time back in a more baked way...for example, ReadNotify.com .. tracks in all kinds of ways (you get to configure it) such as through embedded images. The service works well.
quantass, Nov 10 2007


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