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"Chase" email button

For when you need to send a 'chaser' email
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I am constantly having to send 'chaser' emails to staff who don't reply to my original request.

Instead of clicking on 'Forward', and then copying and pasting the original recipients into the new email, I'd like to have a 'Chase' button which would address the email to the same recipients as the original email.

Options such as "Chase Recipient Only" and "Chase all" would address the email to either the recipient or also people who were CC'd respectively.

Dull but handy.

jtp, Mar 10 2008


       Yes, I could use this for invoices sometimes. [+] I'd want to be able to configure it with decreasingly polite reminder auto-text, ranging from "Dear X, I hope all's well with the latest project - I know you're very busy, but I was just wondering about the ETA for this payment..." through to *** <we apologize for the unavailability of this text, due to a smouldering hole in the middle of your page. We recommend that you action the attached item before your monitor dies of shame and your printer catches fire> ***
pertinax, Mar 10 2008

       I love it, and would use it often. Submit it for inclusion in the next version of Thunderbird. (+)
MisterQED, Mar 10 2008

       I am chasing down your bun.
sprogga, Mar 10 2008

       The enthusiastic comments lead me to believe that this does something more than the "Reply to all" button does, but I'm unable to see what.
angel, Mar 10 2008

       "Reply to all" works for mail received, not mail sent.
phoenix, Mar 10 2008

       "Reply to all" does work for sent mail (in Lotus Notes at least), but it would send the email to me as well, because I was the original sender. That's not the end of the world, admittedly...
jtp, Mar 10 2008

       Exactly. To follow-up mail which I have sent - whether as a chase or as 'Oh, I forgot something' - I open the item from my 'sent' box, and reply to all, removing my name from the addressees before sending.
angel, Mar 10 2008

       Okay. Works in Outlook, too. Guess I've just never run into the problem.
phoenix, Mar 10 2008

       + I like it and I don't think any halfbaked invention should be marked *dull but handy*!
xandram, Mar 10 2008

       Reply All, as noted: you just need to remove your own name, a simple enough task.
DrCurry, Mar 10 2008

       I like. Going "reply to all" and removing your name leaves an intolerable mess wherein everybody remaining is in the Cc field. The original structure of who it was sent to, and who it was copied to is lost.   

       I do a lot of ctrl-x, ctrl-v rejigging because of this, at least once daily. (For some reason, people tend not to reply to my emails).
Texticle, Mar 10 2008

       Sometimes I wish I could give an idea 2x buns. This would be just such an occasion.
sprogga, Mar 23 2008

       Cool idea that gets you my croissant, but why name it "chase all" instead of a simple "resend to all"?
ilSilvano, Mar 12 2010


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