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Emergency Cot Cannon

Fire-safety equipment for sleeping babies and toddlers
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A cross between a normal cot for the comfort of sleeping infants, and a human cannon.

The cot would be pointed at the window and in the event of a house fire, the fuse on the cot would be lit (the fuse would have to be quite long as to protect the child from smoke inhalation too) and the baby would be safely ejected from the building in the style of a cirus performing human cannonball, all the while protected by the padding offered by the cot.

normski, Oct 11 2002

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       Have the device release clamshell doors so the crib becomes an egg, airbags inflate and wahoo!
phoenix, Oct 11 2002

       Optional sound sensetive trigger, activated by crying ?
8th of 7, Oct 11 2002

       rock-a-bye baby,   

       in the tree top,   

       when the fire started   

       your bed was exploded   

       as the firemen arrive,   

       down will come baby,   

       cradle and all.
po, Oct 11 2002

       poor little orphan. can't parents and siblings have the same sort of mechanism?
po, Oct 11 2002

       You're assuming the fire always starts near the fuse, right?
Mr Burns, Oct 11 2002

       Each family member sleeps in their own compartment of a large version of a revolver chamber. The smoke alarm triggers the revolving mechanism which loads sleeping would-be victims in to the cannon one at a time and launches them free of the conflagration.   

       Hmmm....Ferris Wheel "bunk" beds...
half, Oct 11 2002


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