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Emergency Flying Blood Pumps

Implant blood connectors to blood system and drone-deliver temporary artificial hearts.
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The people who run a risk of heart failure would have two connectors to blood circulation system implanted, enabling automatic attachment of the specialized pump.

Pumps would be delivered by drones, which would self- activate by heart failure signals, and fly to patients guided by their GPS location, align by use of spider-like feet, to provide the required pumping.

It is unacceptable that people die simply because of a pump failure, while all other metabolic reactions in body would be working just fine. People should not be dying of heart failures. Or should we just all have two hearts?

Mindey, Sep 01 2015

Problem description :) https://infty.xyz/goal/7/detail/
[Mindey, Sep 13 2015]


       " people who run a risk of heart failure "   

       Technically, wouldn't that be all of us ?
normzone, Sep 01 2015

       It's not that easy (or safe) to have a permanent, connectable port implanted, though maybe not impossible.   

       I've often wondered if you couldn't make an artificial heart (surgically implanted) in the form of a peristaltic pump that squeezed the aorta (or other major artery or vein) to pump blood, without its actually having to come into contact with the blood.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 01 2015

       Hmm. You could just stick a couple of bags around the heart that would expand and contract, sort of like a built in CPR machine. Wouldn't have to worry about valves getting clogged and such.
doctorremulac3, Sep 01 2015

       There was an effort a few years ago to place chiller units in some locations where defibrillators were already stored. The idea was that someone suffering a heart attack and not revived immediately by a defibrillator could be cooled using this machine. The machine would fill their lungs with an oxygenated saline solution and circulate it while holding it at a cold temperature. The cold fluid in the lungs quickly cools the brain, preserving life during transport to a hospital, where the cause of the heart attack could be treated before re-warming the patient.   

       I'm not sure why it never caught on.   

       //It is unacceptable that people die //   

       I agree. I've come to accept that it's not my fault that people are willing to let themselves die. For myself, I signed up for cryonic freezing and hope for the best.
sninctown, Sep 01 2015

       Thanks for the image of a vampire which,with very very wide fangs, pumps your blood while fully hooked.
wjt, Sep 02 2015

       [wjt], the more advanced versions of the device would be capable of drilling to the human body..
Mindey, Sep 02 2015

       If you're going to the trouble and expense of giving these people surgically-implanted connectors, why would you not spend the extra money on giving them a pump to carry around with them?   

       My initial enthusiasm for this idea has been tempered by thinking about it for 15 seconds.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 06 2015

       Cybervampires ministering to the ill!   

       There was a flying device in the movie Phantasm that did something like this, or possibly drilled through people. Itmade a big impression on me. I was impressed that the thing did not seem like a phantasm or spectral in any way: it was 100% killer robot. And who builds things like that? At least I know the last part now: Mindey. Confess: these flying bots were part of Mork's plans for world domination.
bungston, Sep 08 2015

       [mindey] I got your email - did you get my reply?
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 20 2015


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