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Like Furby. With handy electric shocking capabilities
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The goal of this robot is to capitalize on several hot trends, in time for the winter holidays:

1. Robots. Robots are hot, ask anyone.
2. Taser Parties. Taser parties are hot, ask anyone.
3. The recent trend to have defibrilators available in restaurants, and the automatizations of such devices so that you can safely admister them to a human without medical knowledge.

Fibri is completely safe to play with, but his hands can be used to deliver a shock to the person requiring defibrilation. Milder, entertainment purposed shocks available with an override.

theircompetitor, Jun 19 2008


       Will it dance and make silly noises?
Noexit, Jun 19 2008

       Perhaps, but the person requiring defibrilation definitely would.
Ling, Jun 19 2008


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