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Emergency Toe Galoshes

Walk en point across shallow puddles
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Rather than covering the entire foot, emergency toe galoshes are cup shaped, completely failing to cover the wearer's ankles. They are also thin and low quality, rendering them a poor choice for long-term use. However, they offer two major advantages over more traditional galoshes.

1. The galoshes can be put on the feet more quickly. A wearer merely slides their toes into the pocket and pulls the band behind their ankles.

2. The galoshes are incredibly portable. The especially thin rubber combined with the narrow cup shape mean they can be slid into one another (just like plastic cups), then placed in a jacket pocket. While particularly short galoshes can be flattened and rolled up, they still aren't quite as portable as emergency toe galoshes.

The idea behind these galoshes is simple. They are kept in the wearer's jacket pockets, removed any time the owner encounters a large, shallow puddle of water or slush. The owner can then tip-toe across the pond, rendering their shoes mostly dry.

I've found that some streets form incredibly long, wide puddles between the sidewalk and road, especially when both the sidewalk and the road are slightly raised.

aguydude, Feb 18 2014

(?) Something like these? http://www.ebay.com...11-12-/331131969665
[AusCan531, Feb 19 2014]

No, more somethig like this. Garter_20condoms
[normzone, Feb 19 2014]


       The thinner these emergency galoshes are, the faster they will wear out. You will need to carry a spare pair, and almost certainly you will always discover a need to start using that spare pair while halfway across a wide street that has a shallow layer of water on it....
Vernon, Feb 19 2014

       I can remember my Dad using something very similar to this decades ago. [linky]
AusCan531, Feb 19 2014

       !!Smack!! "No dear...!" !!Thud!! "They're Emergency Toe Galoshes!" !!Thwack!! "Honest...!"
Harry Mudd, Feb 19 2014

       You could use a couple plastic bags and rubber bands. Then you wouldn't need to walk on tiptoe. Of course those would lack durability as well.   

       With your version, the small part that is in contact with the ground while on tiptoe could be made of slightly thicker rubber without greatly reducing the portability.
scad mientist, Feb 19 2014

       This idea works equally well with high heeled shoes as long as you don't need to keep the heel dry.
scad mientist, Feb 19 2014

       Disappointed there are not 5 per foot.
pocmloc, Feb 19 2014

       If you make those emergency toe galoshes with a custard powder dispenser which automatically turns all puddles in your path into puddles of custard...you'd get my slightly custard-stained bun
not_morrison_rm, Feb 20 2014


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