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See-through wellies

Transparent wellington boots
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See-through wellies would be great fun. you could see your toes, all warm and dry, actually inside a puddle.
JB36, Apr 17 2002

See-thru Waterproof Boots http://pages.e-yarn...ctPage/1344603.html
Great for showing off your socks. Very much baked. [waugsqueke, Apr 17 2002]

(?) Transparent Boots http://www.2cutelin...om/shoes/boots2.htm
Like this. But maybe without the heels. And not lace-up either. [Cedar Park, Oct 17 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(?) See-through wellies http://www.elann.co.../image1/t317787.jpg
Baked. [skinflaps, Oct 15 2007]


       I like see-thru things and when your feet start getting cold, you will know exactly the right shade of blue to get concerned. croissant.
po, Apr 17 2002

       gonna need a pair of see through socks to go with those boots I think....
runforrestrun, Apr 17 2002

       kids would love them! pastry
rbl, Apr 17 2002

       Cool! A chance to show off your socks.
herilane, Apr 17 2002

thumbwax, Apr 17 2002

       wasn't he in a rock group, thumb?
po, Apr 17 2002

       I want socks like the ones in Waugsquekes link, I want them I want them I want them. Does anyone knit? I'm prepared to pay handsomely.
IvanIdea, Apr 19 2002

       [IvanIdea]: Yes, lots of people knit.
angel, Apr 19 2002

       po knits brows
po, Apr 19 2002

       [BlissMiss:Angel] name your own price for a pair of chunky knit socks in rastafarian colours with a delicately scalloped and edged top. How about half a dozen jars of shropshire honey? (skilfully ignoring handsome requirement)
IvanIdea, Apr 19 2002

       Hmmm...I'll do it for...300 dollars. Plus shipping.
Galileo, Apr 19 2002

       I'm not sure the sight of someones manky socks, or even worse, hairy feet would be so attractive, but I can see the pervert potetial! Maybe combine the wellies with a foot spa and you're on to another winner.
mbz07, Jun 04 2003

       //combine the wellies with a foot spa//   

       Seal the wellies at the top and add a goldfish (a very robust goldfish)   

       Hey! you could do this with a transparent whole-body suit.   

       //I can see the pervert potetial//   

       Let's make that a platonic goldfish and not the algae eating/ burrowing kind.
FloridaManatee, Jun 05 2003

       I've read this one before, but I don't seem to have bunned it. Fixed.
wagster, Oct 15 2007

       oh, lovely. +
k_sra, Oct 15 2007


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