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Shoe in a Bottle

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Sold as a single shoe in a 1 litre bottle, or a pair of shoes in a 2 litre bottle.

People will shit trying to figure out "why?" anyone would do this.

reensure, Jun 08 2005

The Answer to the Carami...<thud> https://web.archive...-edward/cadbury.htm
<Move along, nothing to see here.> [zen_tom, Jun 09 2005]

How'd They Do That? https://web.archive...ottlewoodenshoe.jpg
And the shoes are wood! [k_sra, Jun 09 2005]

Pear in a Bottle https://web.archive...om/Pearinbottle.htm
I'd always wanted to know, thanks Pa`ve! [zen_tom, Jun 10 2005]


       Oh, my, god. The new laxative! Anorexics and old people will love it! BUN
daseva, Jun 08 2005

       or not
dentworth, Jun 08 2005

       yeah, true. BONE
daseva, Jun 08 2005

po, Jun 08 2005

       Yeah, I think I'm with [po] on this one. BUN
daseva, Jun 08 2005

       It's already starting to work its magic on [pa've].
Machiavelli, Jun 08 2005

       [Pa've], dude, are you shitting yet?
daseva, Jun 08 2005

       //How do you tie the laces? //
Knitting needles, patience and a very steady hand. It could be a new 'executive toy'.
gnomethang, Jun 08 2005

       New Reenshoes, guaranteed to stay dry in any weather.
Worldgineer, Jun 08 2005

       Is there any liquid in the bottle? Pickled sneakers?
jaksplat, Jun 09 2005

       It's like the Caramilk secret.   

       ..pssst!....What's the Caramilk secret?   

       Do the shoes have some kind of rigging-like structure that can be erected by the pull of a string?
zen_tom, Jun 09 2005

       I can't tell you. Their spys are everywhere.   

<clenches; shuffles off to loo>
Jinbish, Jun 09 2005

       It's certainly a really interesting way of selling footwear. Certainly would be a nice promotional tool for a new brand.
kuupuuluu, Jun 09 2005

       Trainers commercial:   

       "In case of emergency, break glass."
zen_tom, Jun 09 2005

       <Cheeks puff out ... eyes widen and redden ... nostrils flare ... spokesperson peeps at bottleneck> "Hey! Is that sole?"
reensure, Jun 10 2005

       No, I'd be trying to figure out how anyone would do this. Tell me how and I'll take away this fishbone.
baconbrain, Jun 11 2005

       [baconbrain] - Plastic bottle: use memoryform plastic, heat plastic bottle until elastic, open up neck, insert shoe, cool bottle. Glass bottle: remove base of bottle while glass is still hot and pliable, cool bottle while leaving base heated, insert shoe, press bottle to hot base and fuse.
wagster, Jun 11 2005

       Using those fancy manipulator arms for keyhole surgery, a good cobbler could make a shoe inside a bottle. S/He'd just need some training on how to use the arms.
Adze, Jun 11 2005

       Annoyingly, after reading the "There was an old lady" starting I was so convinced it would be a limerick that I read it three times thoroughly trying to figure out how "thought" could rhyme with "head".
hidden truths, Jun 11 2005

       Well, I wrote one while in school (creative writing class)   

       There was a young penguin in drag, Who swore he was not a real fag; "But ice cubes are kinky, And dresses are slinky, And girl penguins just make me gag".   

       Back to the shoes: Does the cobbler get a wee cobbling stand in the bottle?   

       Oh, and a liter bottle would have a size 43 shoe, but a quart bottle would have a 10-1/2.
moPuddin, Jun 12 2005

       While walking on beach a man finds a shoe in a glass bottle on the tideline. Seeing a message in the shoe he breaks open the bottle to read: "Ha!, now no one will believe you found a shoe in a bottle" (+)
MrDaliLlama, Jun 12 2005

       ... and that, class, concludes today's lesson on how to write a parable.
reensure, Jun 13 2005

       + I just added the extra bun to bring this over the top. Bottled shoes, gloves and undies...
xandram, Nov 05 2015

       Cloth shoes such as sneakers would be easier to get into a bottle and maybe out. It could be a new way to market sneakers and recycle old bottles.
travbm, Nov 05 2015

       "If I could have shoes in a bottle..." - Jim Croce
smendler, Nov 06 2015


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