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Emotional News Readers

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The News is filled with terrible autrocities. Murders, rapes, bombings, missing people; and other things that would make a grown man cry. And yet the news readers don't cry. They become detached from the news. They read about a death-toll heading thousands and yet they remain composed.

I propose that there be a special news programme, where the News Readers let their emotions show. Nothing drastic, nothing overly theatrical, just a slight tear perhaps, or a wee sniffle.

Just enough so that we know that they care.

tyskland, Nov 30 2002

Nah, dress them up instead http://www.halfbake...ea/Womble_20Anchors
[madradish, Oct 04 2004]

For DrCurry http://www.google.c...&q=January+28,+1986
[krelnik, Oct 04 2004]


       I could mention Reginald Bosanquet but half the time he was "tired and emotional"
po, Nov 30 2002

       I remember hearing Christopher Glenn's voice breaking up as I turned on the radio; it hit me so hard I had to pull off the road. I hadn't even found out what he was talking about. 28th January 1986...
lurch, Nov 30 2002

       I've seen Dan Rather choke up a couple of times, bottom lip a-quivering...
thumbwax, Nov 30 2002

       I'm with Steve....they try to do this on many American news channels, and it always comes across as forced and phony.
krelnik, Dec 01 2002

       1/28/86 - Was in my mom's car and we were just backing out of the garage.
bristolz, Dec 01 2002

       A date that apparently will not live in infamy (Google seems clueless). For those of us who somehow missed it, what happened?
DrCurry, Dec 01 2002

       Hint: it happened in Florida.
krelnik, Dec 01 2002

       Is that a "challenge"?
thumbwax, Dec 01 2002

       yes, I found it on google
po, Dec 01 2002

       It seems there was an explosion of news reporters down there all of the sudden...
RayfordSteele, Dec 01 2002

       Feynman: Lord of the Rings.
bristolz, Dec 01 2002

       I'm not talking melodramatics, more just a little tear down the cheek, while they remain composed, but visibly shaken by the incident.
tyskland, Dec 01 2002

       lurch has a point....if it were commonplace, then it wouldn't "hit us hard enough" to sit up and take notice when something does happen that causes newspersons to lose their cool. (I was in the lobby of my college with a group of geek friends watching the whole thing....)
Marassa, Dec 01 2002

       Thats why its a //special news programme//.
tyskland, Dec 01 2002


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