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Fake Newsline

"Tonight's top news stories include..."
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During this introduction to the news, the announcer should add one fake story. We will know that one of these topics is fake, but we won't know which one, and this tactic will keep viewers eagerly [sometimes anxiously] poised to their TV set for the whole hour to see if what they thought was false is really false.

Inspired by Games magazine's practice of including one "fake ad" in each issue.

"I'm Scott Phundug, and welcome to the 10:00 News. In today's stories: A mild earthquake hit Southern California this morning, injuring three people and causing minor damage to buildings and roadways. Grasshoppers' immune systems may provide the key to developing a vaccine for AIDS. And think 3.1416 is the magic number? Some experts disagree. We'll look at the numerical controversy that has some teachers and school board members up in arms. All on today's report."

phundug, Jul 16 2003

Baked but you'll love the site that baked it. http://www.theonion.com
The Onion [sartep, Oct 04 2004]


       great ! reminds me of the iraq conflict coverage (although the ratio's the other way round)
neilp, Jul 16 2003

       Baked on British TV in the sixties every April Fools' Day. Report on a Swiss spaghetti farm, etc.
angel, Jul 16 2003

       Also baked every time a country goes to war.
my face your, Jul 16 2003

       Let's get the Kuwaiti ambassador's daughter to present the news. If the story is really sad, she might cry on camera.
Great Satan, Jul 16 2003


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