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Emotional suicide Ambulance massage network concert

To preserve the first amendment
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This is a network of Korean massage parlor immigrants to the US who will network over a communications system that will keep track of and translate their communication and will allow them to work with suicide hotlines that serve rich young Japanese American make teenagers who are from rich families and are at high pressure schools, and are at a higher than average risk of suicide. The network would include ESL massage certification via audio description collaboration with a blind massage certification accessibility initiative.

Part of the network would be an uber-like service to bring hot Korean massage therapists, in a van with accoutrements, including emergency full service sexual therapy with full body condone as well as aroma therapy, relief concert, lap dances, lsd therapist/priest, and business startup consultation, to deliver emergency suicide service to anyone in need, with a concomitant ADA backed disability sensitivity training for anyone who abuses the service.

It will blow up like wild atomic fire.

JesusHChrist, Sep 15 2017

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       So, networked pimps on Craigslist that operate therapy sessions?
RayfordSteele, Sep 15 2017


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