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Empty/used CD/DVD cover

A CD/DVD cover with empty/used switch for RW media
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I use CD/DVD RW media frequently. When I have one lying on a table I don't see directly whether it's empty (ready to use) or have some data on it. I can look at the surface as it could be seen, but only when there's not the whole capacity used. Then I see just nothing.

Maybe it's already baked but in my country I haven't seen it yet.

So the idea is to have a box for CD/DVD with e.g. plastic switch, such as on flash disks or floppy disks for read/only modes, that would let me mark the current state of the media in it.

Harvester, Dec 09 2006


       I'd buy this. I have the same problem, never knowing if the media laying around is used or empty.   

       The implementation is not quite unique (used on floppies for other purpose), but is enough to indicate the usage of media. Now only if the disk could change color when used...   

       Have a bun, you deserve it.
wolstech, Dec 09 2006

       Yes! A thousand times yes!
loonquawl, Apr 21 2009

       The things we do to avoid looking for a marker when burning a DVD... [+]
Veho, Apr 21 2009

       You could use LightScribe, allowing you to put a label on the disks without having to find a marker. It is more expensive than regular media but your plastic switch would also drive the price up. Lightscribe also has the advantage that the label would tell you what was on the disk, not just whether it was empty or full.
Bad Jim, Apr 23 2009


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