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More realistic theater experience

Make it really "just like being there".
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Went to the cinema this weekend and was struck by a thought. A portion of the entertainment value is the reaction of the crowd during the presentation. Had the pleasure to sit near some 8-12 year old boys and got the "Wow is that cool?" comments a lot. I got to thinking that a DVD could have multiple sound tracks that could be added as desired to make your movie viewing more realistic. So here goes:

A DVD movie interface similar to the present model allows the user to turn on multiple additional soundtracks that allow the viewer to hear the constant whispering of teenage girls, the crying of babies, the snoring of the old guy, the young kids giggling at what young kids giggle at, and of course, the adolescent boys replaying the explosions and stunts.

cblunds, Aug 27 2007


       ...and charge $11 just to sit down on your own sofa.   

       Not entirely seeing the advantage of this, I have to admit. Are you sure this isn't just a rant about how noisy movie theaters are?
DrCurry, Aug 27 2007

       Not a rant, the explosions being replayed a row back made me laugh and enjoy the movie more.
cblunds, Aug 27 2007

       I'm going to bun this idea, based solely on it's merit as an interesting addition. I hate all the excessive noise in the movie theater, but I think I understand cblunds point.
Noexit, Aug 27 2007

       I was so ready to bone this because of the title alone. Then I read it. I now want to bone it over and over again. People spend year salaries to avoid EXEACTLY what your proposing adding to DVD's. Annoying people at movies, Sorry, but this is a terrible, horrible, annoying idea.   

       You may enjoy the comments, but the growing community of high-end digital home theater users HATE the 'other' people in the movie theater, and choose to spend tons of money on their own theater to avoid such movie ruiners.   

evilpenguin, Aug 27 2007

       / alternative laugh tracks. /   

       The problem is that the audience feedback also reinforces a sense of community and communal experience. Laugh tracks are a feeble echo. Rocky Horror is an archetype of audience interaction, but I have not seen a recording which offered the audience shouting part of it. There are other circumstances where the crowd is part of the show: Live at the Apollo, for example. Watching an action thriller with the thrilled is thrilling.   

       I like this idea because of the attempt to capture communal experience. It would be best with headphones. Wouldn't it be fun to have this for the 1933 King Kong?
bungston, Aug 27 2007

       I voted [+], but only assuming that the soundtrack would be provided by just letting some random people of the respective demographics watch the film and to tape their responses. Kind of like the distinction between a show filmed for a live audience and one that just utilises canned laughter.
hidden truths, Aug 27 2007

       The inference throughout is that the audience feedback would be positive. You must get better movies than we do.
Texticle, Aug 28 2007


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