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Encode volume/graphic equalizer settings into mp3's

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I have hundreds of mp3 and other sound files. Every one of them requires different settings in order to sound ideal. This includes GE, volume, and sometimes even the speed multiplier (I have some classical recordings that are performed too fast/too slow, and digital technology now allows me to hear these played correctly instead of tossing them). This is particularly vital since I have both classical and rock songs, and the rock songs require the volume down to about 20% in order not be deafened by them, whereas the classical need the volume up near 80% to hear them.

I try to encode the best settings into each file name (e.g. Mozart Symphony #41, 2345635431, speed 1.10 loud) but I wish I could save these data directly into the file itself (or a companion text file) and have the file automatically adjust my media player to these settings when opened.

Thank you.

phundug, Dec 26 2008

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       Sounds like it should be a feature of the MP3 player (possibly encoding the EQ settings as a short ID3 string?) - I've got a feeling WinAmp (or similar) might allow you to associate EQ settings with specific MP3 files - Auto-presets).
Dub, Dec 26 2008

       sounds like a plan, sorta tired of hearing half-baked re-recordings of things at "too loud" or "too soft".
FlyingToaster, Dec 26 2008

       iTunes lets you set volume levels and equaliser presets per track. These settings are stored in the library file rather than with the tracks; what you suggest could be useful for portability.
spidermother, Dec 27 2008

       Yes, but surely the settings depend on the device as well as the music? A small-speaker system may demand a bass- boost, for examplestance. I would have thought that most recordings are balanced for some sort of 'standard' playback system - is this not so?
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 27 2008


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