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End of the World Franchise

I Experienced Apocolypse and all I got was this lousy t-shirt
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Sell merchandise for Armageddon!




benfrost, Oct 01 2001

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe http://www.douglasa...ons/0345391810.html
[benfrost, Oct 01 2001]

CIA for kids. http://www.odci.gov.../ciakids/index.html
Assassinate grandma legally. [st3f, Oct 01 2001]


       Wasn't there something about this in one of the Robert Rankin books? armageddon - the musical or armageddon 2 - the B movie or something like that...
RobertKidney, Oct 01 2001

       This presupposes the world is going to end. I kind of imagine it drifting on forever, just getting slower and slower, and everyone moaning more and more, until there isn't enough energy to post even the shortest annotation and we curl up inside a dead thingy from Empire Strikes Back and wait for the next cycle of Eternal Recurrence to play everything round again exactly the same as before.
pottedstu, Oct 01 2001

       I have a thought about merchandise that reflects the notion that the world goes not so according to plan. The product that comes immediately to mind is the perfectly round ball that rolls eccentrically, but I'm sure there are others. There are always applications for mantras for the disenfranchised, such as rolls of toilet tissue that have 'if at first you don't succeed' printed on each square.
reensure, Oct 03 2001

lewisgirl, Oct 03 2001

benfrost, Oct 03 2001

       I would like to think that the proposed Apocralypse involves four horsemen and a lot of very expensive-looking special effects, and preferably some ice giants to provide evil laughter as they destroy the world. (With apologies to Terry Pratchett.)   

       benfrost: I pray that your last annotation ("sory") was intentional.
cp, Oct 03 2001

       I figured that this *had* to be baked. There must be some amusement ride or club called "The Apocalypse" which has a T-shirt like this as part of their merchandise. I searched. Unfortunately I failed...   

       ...but I did find this (see link)
st3f, Oct 03 2001

       That is one amazing web site, [st3f]. I especially like the "fly high on intelligence, not on drugs", bit at the bottom - cracked me right up. And the picture of the guy in the trench coat. Isn't that the guy your mother always told you to stay away from?
sdm, Oct 04 2001

       how bout   

bobzaguy, Oct 07 2001

       btw, this is pretty much Baked: army surplus stores.
sdm, Oct 08 2001


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