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Frodo Copy

Lord of The Ringbinding
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You are greeted as you enter this store by a little person dressed as a hobbit. The interior is arcane, cave like with all manner of Tolkien gadgets and decorations. He leads you to the photocopiers which are green and scaled and puff smoke like dragons when they are used. If there is a paper jam, a tall bearded Gandalf - esque wizard appears and shakes his staff and waves his hands about, removes the paper and returns from whence he came. Orcs work behind the cash register and can only screech in an unholy tone and beat a handful of coloured biros against their chest plates when spoken to.
benfrost, Jan 12 2005

a different thing Frodocopier
about hobbits and copiers. [neilp, Jan 12 2005]


       Lmao this is very weird yet strangely compelling. I'd go to one of these copy shops just for the experience. I'm confused as to how they Orcs can communicate the prices to you though. This gets a [+] for the amazing pun in the description.
pooduck, Jan 12 2005

       I'm having a hard time understanding the relevance of the biros...
fridge duck, Jan 12 2005

       why, why, that's just a shameless pun .. <link>
neilp, Jan 12 2005

       eeek! apologies neilp it slipped thru my fingers- i MFD myself . .
benfrost, Jan 12 2005

       //Gandalf - esque wizard appears and shakes his staff// Not the best of bosses.
FarmerJohn, Jan 12 2005

       Ha ha ha, I love this. I'm giving you a + [ben], but sounds to me that a copy shop is not the sort of business that have enough income to spare in make up, wigs and characterisation (etc.) every day.
Pericles, Jan 12 2005

       It'd give all of hte D&D RPers on their days off something to do, though.
shapu, Jan 12 2005


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