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Endangered species fight back

If we can't save them then we should give them the power to save themselves
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Orangutans are predicted to become extinct in the next 20 yrs. Recently scientists have discovered the gene’s responsible for the large frontal cortex in human brains. If these genes were spliced into orangutans they would then be better able to defend them selves. I don’t mean with weapons but with the law the demanding equal rights. Yes it will alter Orangutans forever and change our position in the universe and maybe that’s what we deserve if we can’t take care of our planet and all it’s inhabitants
duroncrush, Jan 27 2004


       I'm not sure we should monkey around with genetics.(groan)
Apologetic_Cynic, Jan 27 2004

       While we're at it, we can give the manatees an armored carapace, capable of shattering speedboat props.
DonBirnam, Jan 27 2004

       we give the endagered species power, then the human race becomes indangered, then we hope that they give us power?? Planet of the Apes.....maybe??
babyhawk, Jan 27 2004

       Preheated.....read David Brin, The Uplift Wars.
normzone, Jan 27 2004

       Uhh...I don't have Otangs scheduled to arrive at the Official Zoo of Extinct Species until 2035. And, if they can't work out a diplomatic solution for themselves within twenty years, I don't see what giving them a larger, rather bulbous head is gonna do to help. But, if it's the thought that counts...I give this one a ten!   

       I have to say I'm with [cynic] on this one, though. We really shouldn't junkie around with manetics.   

       But here's your fluffie.   

       He mutters under his breath, "orangutan, you got some dome on you for a midget."
Kitchensink, Jan 27 2004

       Careful [durocnrush] or you'll end up chained to a mountain for all eternity while a raven plucks out you're liver daily.   

       well, if you made an orangatang smart enough to realize his own demise, he might hasten the pace of his doom. if i was living in a forest being chopped down by lumberjacks, i'd rather being ignorant of the concept of certain death. i suggest making the orangatangs capable of eating a wide variety of food, and or super strong. but maybe they'll accept the fate of their rainforest, put on a cute little monkey suit and hat, and move to the concrete jungle....
Kociol, Feb 05 2005

       I suggest repairing your shift key.
bristolz, Feb 05 2005

       i agree with the happy meal dude. anyways, i dont like monkeys. i think it would be easier to just leave the rainforest [or wherever it is they live] alone. then they can mate happily and in privacy.
bobathie, May 15 2007


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