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Energy Park

Where fun and social benefit are no more antagonists
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A vast ghost house with attractions made to make the kids sweat (ball pools, falling ladders, you name it). All the "games" are designed with electromagnetic systems made to suck a little bit of the energy displayed by the frantic kids. May seem like another exploitation idea, but think about it this way:

_ Kids get a safe place where they can use their whole energy, which gets rarer and rarer in big cities (look at the kids in tokyo).

_ The park is free, as the energy sold pays tha maintenance and employees.

_ Parents can tolerate to be in the vicinity of kids (as the latter are no more hyper, they may even be able to socially beahave, let's dream), even when they are tired by a hard day's work, stressed about life, and depressed about the general mediocrity of their surroundings.

_ Kids get regular exercise, increasing the quantity of O2/mm3 of blood, therefore making them smarter.

_ Finally, with an average of 20% of the population producing only 10 watt 1 hour a day, you get the equivalent of 10 nuclear plants in the USA.

_ Eventually, to make it even funnier for the kids, there could be "restricted" areas you could access only after producing a certain production average in other areas, in a pokemon/yu-gi-oh style.

_ Of course, the adult versions coulds follow, in many forms, such as ecologic gym clubs, etc.....

sidi, Jan 21 2004


       Power producing gyms for adults has been done to death here, but I love this. I picture hordes of rug rats tromping up long flights of stairs to come squealing down roller slides.
If there is enough power generated, Planet Fun might even pay me to bring my kids there.
Two buns way up. Well ok one bun, but two sounded better.

       Of course, the idea was not so much the Luna Pump itself, but more a way to extract "extra" energy from kids, leaving them socially compatible with the rest of humanity, and as a side effect avoiding the impending energy-related WWIII. But I like the idea that humans begin their lives by continually wasting muscular energy in turbulent, noisy games. Plus "the body is everything".
sidi, Jan 24 2004

       Hah! Just wait a few 50 years after the oil-crisis, when the energy prices will burn....
sidi, Jan 29 2004


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